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Laboratory of Professional Electronics (LEP) provides services in designing devices and electronic systems, as well as technological consulting on electronic solutions. We specialize in advanced systems of acquisition and digital signal processing and ultrasound devices.

We also have extensive experience in both designing prototypes/demonstrators, and offering ready-to-implement solutions.



The laboratory is equipped with specialized instrumentation and control equipment as well as equipment for prototype electronic production. In addition, we have measurement systems for the evaluation and characterization of ultrasonic transducers.




The LEP team carries out R&D works in advanced electronic and digital signal processing systems. Our main specialty are ultrasound methods and systems in medical and industrial applications.

Know-how and experience of the Team includes:

  • Electronic systems:

    • design, simulation and commissioning of complex multi-layer printed boards, with particular focus on: high-speed digital interfaces, signal integrity issues and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
    • design, simulation and commissioning of complex FPGA programmable logic circuits;
    • design and certification of medical devices.
  • Software:

    • embedded systems - microcontrollers, CPUs / DSPs / GPUs;
    • system software, libraries, graphical interfaces (C/C++/C#, Java, Python, Matlab);
    • implementation of algorithms on parallel architectures;
    • GPU processor software,
    • specialization in digital signal processing algorithms, multi-channel processing, signal analysis and visualization.


Research topic

The team focuses on the development of methods and systems for ultrasonic medical diagnostics and ultrasonic non-destructive testing of materials. The Versatile Ultrasound Platform, developed in our lab, enables rapid testing and implementation of new imaging and flow estimation methods.

The laboratory can offer not only R&D works in the field of ultrasound, electronics and medical devices, but also the development of ready-made solutions and implementation documentation.



Marcin Lewandowski Ph.D.
Laboratory of Professional Electronics,
Department of Experimental Mechanics, IPPT PAN

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