Information and announcements

IPPT Doctoral Study plays an important role as the third level education utilizing the potential of highly qualified academic staff. We invite graduates with a strong motivation for scientific work, determined to sacrifice a few years to realize their ambitious research plans.

IPPT as one of the largest technical institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences offers a wide range of research profiles in the fields of basic science, technique and technology. IPPT is a member of the Consortium Biocentrum Ochota. It creates new opportunities related to the synergy of technology, experimental medicine and biology using the potential of research institutes located at the Campus Ochota.

Doctoral education at the Institute is largely based on the student's personal research project, which is complemented with courses and clearly specified knowledge requirements. Studies must be concluded in four years and the PhD is awarded on the submission of a thesis subject to its passing a public defence.

We offer modern research equipment and cooperation with renowned research institutions both at home and abroad. Outstanding doctoral candidates we offer internships abroad and participation in European projects conducted by the Institute. Doctoral students receive attractive fellowships and may attend free of charge language courses at different levels.

Local association of PhD students helps to assimilate newcomers and to integrate with PhD students of the Biocentrum Ochota. More on PhD students association ....