1922-1982prof. CZESŁAW EIMER

Prof. Eimer graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology (1949); he received the doctorate degree in 1951; he was made associate professor in 1962 and professor in 1969. He worked at IPPT PAN since its establishment in 1952. He headed the Laboratory of Theory of Elastic Structures (1955-1959), Rheology of Structures (1969-1981), and IPPT Doctoral Study (1968-1978). An outstanding civil engineer. Co-author of pioneer papers on reinforced structures and the rheology of structures (theory, bridge designs, Polish Standard PN-B, patent for the continuous production of prestressed concrete etc.) A well-known researcher into multiphase media; he proposed a rheological model of micro-cracked concrete, later known as Eimer’s micro-cracked concrete. He managed a project aiming at setting up the calculations of containment building of a nuclear reactor in Żarnowiec. He was one of those scientists who could combine abstract thinking with practical use of the technical knowledge. He co-authored two monographs and authored ninety-two publications in prestigious Polish and foreign journals.

1922-2016prof. WIKTOR JASSEM


Radio engineer, graduate of the PW Warsaw University of Technology (1949). In 1955, he received the doctoral degree (under I. Malecki’s supervision), in 1957 he became assistant professor, 1962 – associate professor, 1969 – professor and PAS Corresponding Member, in 1972 – PAS Member, and 1997 - member of the New York Academy of Biomedical Engineering. The co-founder of Acoustics Laboratory at Główny Instytut Fizyki Technicznej (Institute of Technical Physics) incorporated, in 1952, into the Department of Vibration Research at IPPT PAN. Professor Filipczyński headed the Laboratory of Ultrasounds Passivity (1953-1969), also worked as Deputy Director for Research (1965-1969) and finally Director of IPPT (1969-1974). He constructed the first Polish metal flaw detector (ultrasonic radar) for materials research. Organizer of the first International Conference of Ultrasounds in Medicine and Biology. Honored by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) in Washington with Ultrasounds in Medicine Pioneer Diploma. Founder and long-standing chairman of the PAN Acoustics Committee. Vice-President of the European Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine (today: European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology), chairman of the Scientific Councils, including SC of IPPT 1999-1992 and IBBE PAS). A long-term lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology. Author of 12 monographs, 166 publications, 62 patents. Supervisor of 14 doctoral theses. Laureate of many awards, including a two-time laureate of 2nd class State Prize.


Graduate of Wawelberg and Rotwand School of Engineering, Faculty of Mechanics (1947) and Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology (1954). Prof. Szczepiński received the doctoral degree in 1960, he became IPPT PAN assistant professor (docent) in 1964, associate professor in 1971 and professor in 1977. An outstanding expert in the field of theoretical and experimental research into the mechanics of plastic deformation of metals, load-bearing capacity, mechanics of powders and soils, mechanics of materials including modeling of ductile fracture. In 1976, prof. Szczepiński became a corresponding member of Polish Academy of Sciences and in 1989 –member. 1962-1996 at IPPT PAN. He headed the Department of the Mechanics of Continuous Media. From 1993 to 1998 member of the Polish Academy of Sciences Presidium. In 1993-1995 – chairman of the Division IV: Engineering Sciences Polish Academy of Sciences, 1984-1986 – chairman of the Committee on Mechanics Polish Academy of Sciences, since 1987 – member of the Warsaw Scientific Society, from 1980 to 1997 – member of the Scientific Council of CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences in Udine, Italy. From 1980 to 1991 – member of the General Assembly of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM), from 1997 to 2003 – chairman of the Program Council of Centrum Laserowych Technologii Metali (Center for Metal Laser Technologies, a joint center of Polish Academy of Sciences and Kielce University of Technology) from 1988 to 1994 – member of the Presidium of Centralna Komisja Kwalifikacyjna dla Kadr Naukowych (Central Qualification Board for Scientific Personnel). Doctor honoris causa of WAT Military University of Technology in Warsaw (1989) and Kielce University of Technology (2002).

1924-1977prof. JERZY WEHR

Graduate and – since 1948 – assistant at Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering. One of the first employees of the Department of Vibration Research Polish Academy of Sciences (1952) in the field of acoustics. At IPPT PAN since the Vibration Research Department was incorporated into the Institute, until his tragic death in the mountains in Hindu Kush. He received the doctoral degree in 1960, habilitation degree in 1967 and professor degree in 1975. Head of the Department of Physical Acoustics (1961-1973), IPPT deputy director for research (1973-1977). Most of his research was devoted to methods of acoustic measurement, relations between parameters of acoustic fields and mechanical properties of solids and fluids, and also the applications of piezoelectric transducers. Author of 2 books, 60 publications and 10 patents. He became a leading authority among the international community of acousticians.

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