IPPT PAN started 3 years research project within V4-Korea Joint Research Program, involving universities and research institutes from four Visegrad countries and Korea. The research topic is the radiation-induced damage to cement-based materials. The investigation is aimed to reveal the influence of chemical composition and the long term ionizing radiation on material properties and stability of microstructure of concrete.

The project acronym is RADCON. It is co-financed by the R&D agencies of five countries, including NCBiR of Poland. The research is performed by the following Partners:
- Yonsei University, Korea;
- Czech Technical University, Czech Republic; (Faculty of Civil Engineering);
- Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; (MTA Centre for Energy Research);
- Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic; (Institute of Construction and Architecture);
- Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.
The research team of IPPT PAN is led by Professor M. A. Glinicki, Ph.D., Dr. habil. The team members are: Professor A.M. Brandt, Ph.D., Dr. habil.; D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, Ph.D., Dr. habil.; M. Dąbrowski, Ph.D.; K. Gibas, M.Sc.; A. Antolik, M.Sc.; K. Dziedzic, M.Sc.; M. Sobczak (PPO Division- ZMD IPPT PAN).

Characterization of materials in a biological shield of nuclear reactor after 30 years of operation (heterogeneous microstructure image and pore size distribution in concrete; source-IPPT PAN)

The involvement of IPPT PAN in the research area is a follow-up of previous research on the durability of radiation-shielding concrete (http://atomshield.ippt.pan.pl). The international scientific cooperation on structural materials performance under ionizing radiation was initiated in 2014 within International Committee on Irradiated Concrete, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. IPPT PAN is a founding member of ICIC.