November 28, 2018 saw the official award ceremony of Michał Życzykowski Committee on Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The ceremony was held during an open part of the plenary meeting of the Committee, presided by Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński – Chairman of the PAN Committee on Mechanics and Director of IPPT PAN.

2017 awards recipients:

  • 1st award: Przemysław PERLIKOWSKI, PhD, DSc (Łódź University of Technology);
  • 2nd award: Dariusz JARZĄBEK, PhD (PAN Institute of Fundamental Technological Research);
  • 3rd award: Krzysztof Kamil ŻUR, PhD (Białystok University of Technology)

Pictured: Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, Chairman of the PAN Committee on Mechanics and Director of IPPT PAN, hands in the diplomas to Przemysław PERLIKOWSKI PhD, DSc., and to Dariusz JARZĄBEK, PhD

Michał Życzykowski PAN Committee on Mechanics Awards are given to young scientific employees, Polish citizens, for their scientific papers published before they reach the age of 34.

The awards are given for:

  • papers of the award candidate as a sole author
  • a cycle of at least four publications of which at least one has to be solely authored by the award canditate, and the rest co-authored by the candidate and a team

The PAN Committee on Mechanics was established in 1960. The Committee aims to develop the following areas of science:

  • solids mechanics, with particular interest in materials mechanics,
  • structural mechanics,
  • fluid mechanics,
  • biomechanics,
  • dynamics of material systems,
  • mechatronics,
  • optimisation of systems and processes,
  • detection and investigations of the laws governing motion, deformation and strength of materials media

The Committee acts as the National Committee for Cooperation with the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) and International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) in Udine.