National Science Centre (NCN) supports fundamental research by funding research projects carried out by individual researches and research teams, both on the domestic and international level, as well as doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. NCN announces calls for proposals four times a year. The NCN grantee must be employed at a Polish host institution.

In May 2019, National Science Centre has approved and subsidized five new projects from IPPT PAN:

1. "Dynamics of microparticles in fluids" (OPUS 16)

Project coordinator: Prof. Maria Ekiel-Jeżewska

2. "Development and verification of effective methods and algorithms for optimum design of sensor and actuator systems in load-aware structural health monitoring" (OPUS 16)

Project coordinator: Prof. Łukasz Jankowski

3. "Mechanisms of plastic deformation of single crystal at macro- and mezo- scale: interactions between work hardening, size effect and material anizotropy” (OPUS 16)

Project coordinator: Prof. Stanisław Kucharski

4. "Model-based Adaptive Predictive Control of Semi-active Fluid Dampers Subjected to Impact Loading” (SONATA 14)

Project coordinator: Cezary Graczykowski, Ph. D.

5. "Submicron fibrous bioresorbable polymer - reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites produced by the solution blow spinning method” (Preludium 16)

Project coordinator: Katarzyna Czarnecka, M.Sc.