Professor Howard A. Stone from Princeton University visited our Institute on August 27-30, 2019. His stay is supported in part by NAWA. More: IPPT PAN in the International Academic Partnerships program.

Professor Stone was invited and hosted by the Division of Complex Fluids, to discuss and progress with the ongoing joint scientific projects. The current collaboration and earlier publications have been focused on dynamics of flexible microfibers in flows and electrokinetics.

On August 28 Professor Stone gave a lecture entitled `Some multiphase flow problems: (i) Moderate Reynolds number flows at T-junctions and (ii) low-Reynolds-number diffusiophoretic flows' (see video - Video archive of lectures and seminar presentations at IPPT PAN. A lot of scientists from IPPT PAN and a number of other research institutes came to listen. This event was followed by numerous scientific discussions with many researchers. Warsaw scientific community gained a lot from the meetings with Professor Stone and is grateful to him for sharing his expertise.

Photographs: 01 Piotr Korczyk, 02-07 Maria Ekiel-Jeżewska