Project application of Rami Faraj has received funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) within jubilee edition of the LIDER program. The aim of the project is to develop the prototype of adaptive rescue cushion, which will increase the effectiveness and safety of its usage during performed by Fire Brigade evacuations of people from higher floors of the building. The project states a response to the lack of products with adaptive capabilities on the market of rescue cushions, limited trust to the models currently used and accidents during rescue operations. The lack of current constructions’ adaptivity and the necessity of meeting the technical and user requirements results in low effectiveness of impact energy absorption.

The key feature of rescue cushion developed in the project will be its ability to self-adapt to different heights from which evacuated person jumps and to different masses of this person. The result will be a reduction of the accelerations acting on the child, woman as well as man, whose weight typically differs significantly from each other. The use of developed mechanisms of adaptive impact absorption will also increase the stability of rescue cushion, what will additionally reduce the probability of injuries and will increase the range of its safe usage. The proposed product innovation is planned to be implemented in Poland, as well as abroad. The project will be carried out with the cooperation of both commercial companies and the certification body, which will make an independent evaluation of solution developed in the project.

Fig. 1. Numerical model of the rescue cushion and dummy landing on it