The 12th International Symposium on Brittle Matrix Composites (BMC-12) was held on September 23-24, 2019 at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences (IPPT PAN).

This conference built on the legacy of the eleven previous meetings, starting with the 1st symposium in 1985 and continuing on the three-year cycle until 2015, the date of the 11th symposium (BMC-11). With the exceptions of the BMC-1, which was held in Jablonna, and the BMC-2 held in Cedzyna near Kielce, Poland, all next symposia were held in Warsaw. In each case, the IPPT PAN served as the host and the main organizer of the meeting.

The conference focused on key subjects in contemporary brittle (or quasi-brittle) materials that are of relevance to both, academic and practitioners communities. A wide range of topics that reflect latest developments in the areas related to materials science and technology of cement based materials.

Monograph Brittle Matrix Composites BMC-12 edited by M.A. Glinicki, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka,Ch.K.Y. Leung and J. Olek has been indexed in the bibliographic database Scopus (Elsevier). Monograph ISBN 978-83-65550-20-0

The main topics represented at symposium included:

  • modeling and prediction of properties,
  • mechanical behavior of fiber composites,
  • durability and transport properties of cement based composites,
  • influence of irradiation on properties and microstructure of cement based materials,
  • use of recycled materials,
  • experimental testing of geopolymers and other emerging composite materials.

The BMC-12 brought together leading experts in the field of brittle composite materials from 18 different countries and offered the opportunity to discuss recent progress, share insights on research priorities, identify and discuss the approaches toward further developments and facilitate exchange of information across disciplines and institutions.

A very special thanks are extended to Prof. Andrzej M. Brandt who has led the BMC organizing committee for all these years. His extensive knowledge of the topic, and his numerous contacts within the international community, were essential to organization of the first Symposium in 1985 and contributed greatly to successful continuation of this series over the last 34 years. His attention to details while editing the papers was quite legendary, and the Symposium itself is inseparable from the name Brandt. As he shifts his focus toward retirement, it is our hope that he will continue to serve as a “spiritual guardian” of this Symposium for a long time.

The support of the IPPT PAN leadership toward organization of this meeting (and all previous symposia) was acknowledged with thanks.

The following research team from IPPT PAN was engaged: prof. A.M. Brandt, Ph.D., Dr. habil.; prof. M. A. Glinicki, Ph.D., Dr. habil.; D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, Ph.D., Dr. habil.; M. Dąbrowski, Ph.D.; A. Antolik, M.Sc.; K. Bogusz, M.Sc.; K. Dziedzic, M.Sc., M. Sobczak (Division of Strain Fields, Department of Experimental Mechanics at IPPT PAN).