National Science Centre (NCN) supports fundamental research by funding research projects carried out by individual researches and research teams, both on the domestic and international level, as well as doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. NCN announces calls for proposals four times a year. The NCN grantee must be employed at a Polish host institution.

OPUS is a funding opportunity intended for a wide range of applicants. The research proposal submitted under this scheme may include the purchase or construction of research equipment.

PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers.

In May 2020, National Science Centre has approved and subsidized six new projects from IPPT PAN:

1. "Quantitative analysis of ultrasound scattered in the tissue. Application in assessing tumor response to chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer" (OPUS 18)

Project coordinator: Prof. Jerzy Litniewski

2. "A novel multiphysics multiscale model of field-assisted sintering technology" (OPUS 18)

Project coordinator: Prof. Jerzy Rojek

3. "Yield Surface Identification of Functional Materials and Its Evolution Reflecting Deformation History under Complex Loadings" (OPUS 18)

Project coordinator: Prof. Zbigniew L. Kowalewski

4. "Influence of oncogenic mutations on information transmission in the MAPK signalling pathway" (OPUS 18)

Project coordinator: Prof. Tomasz Lipniacki

5. "Experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of microstructure on the residual stresses, thermal and mechanical properties in aluminum matrix graded composites (acronym: ALU FGM)." (OPUS 18)

Project coordinator: Witold Węglewski, PhD

6. "Nanofibrous mucoadhesive carrier of brinzolamide based on hydroxypropyl cellulose and β-cyclodextrin" (Preludium 18)

Project coordinator: Olga Cegielska, MSc.