On January 21, 2015, representatives of IPPT PAN visited the Automotive Industry Institute(PIMOT) in Warsaw.

The Foundation for Polish Science has announced the winners of the second edition of the IMPULS competition.

On 2nd December 2014, Łukasz Jankowski, Dr.Habil., Eng. has been granted the Scientific Award of the Fourth Division of Engineering Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

We are pleased to announce a monograph "Load and Structural Health Monitoring of truss bridges" (IPPT Reports 2/2013) edited by J. Holnicki-Szulc and A. Świercz focusing on the research field covered by the finalized research project.

The National Centre for Research and Development has approved and subsidized three projects involving researchers from IPPT PAN.

In October, Ms. Dr. Eng. Agata Roszkiewicz-Walczuk was awarded the Academy Award Visegrad Group for young scientists.