Partner: Daniele Posenato


Conference abstracts
1.Skłodowski M., Pawłowski P., Posenato D., FBG System for Monitoring of Dynamic Loads Caused by Cheering During Football Competitions, SMART2013, 6th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, 2013-09-03/09-06, Turyn (IT), pp.1-2, 2013

Nowadays large stadium structures are designed for assumed static loads and it is difficult to calculate important influence of real stresses resulting from dynamic loads caused by moving crowds. The paper presents Structural Health Monitoring System, based on multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating sensors. They are used to measure strains and temperature of structural elements and allow us to measure dynamic deformations to observe changes in structural behaviour of the stadium during cheering on a football competition and calculate instantaneous anthropogenic loads.


Structural Health Monitoring, FBG sensors, monitoring of concrete structures

Skłodowski M.-IPPT PAN
Pawłowski P.-IPPT PAN
Posenato D.-SMARTEC S.A. (CH)