Partner: Darius Markauskas

Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)

Recent publications
1.Zabulionis D., Kačianauskas R., Markauskas D., Rojek J., Investigation of nonlinear tangential contact behaviour of a spherical particle under varying loading, BULLETIN OF THE POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: TECHNICAL SCIENCES, ISSN: 0239-7528, Vol.60, No.2, pp.265-278, 2012

Conference abstracts
1.Kačianauskas R., Kačinskaja I., Maknickas A., Markauskas D., Rojek J., Simulation of attractive motion of silica microparticles in aerosol under acoustic excitation, PCM-CMM 2015, 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics and 21st Computer Methods in Mechanics, 2015-09-08/09-11, Gdańsk (PL), pp.563-564, 2015