Partner: George Hatzigeorgiou

Hellenic Open University (GR)

Recent publications
1.Pnevmatikos N.G., Błachowski B., Hatzigeorgiou G.D., Świercz A., Wavelet analysis based damage localization in steel frames with bolted connections, SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS, ISSN: 1738-1584, DOI: 10.12989/sss.2016.18.6.1189, Vol.18, No.6, pp.1189-1202, 2016

This paper describes an application of wavelet analysis for damage detection of a steel frame structure with bolted connections. The wavelet coefficients of the acceleration response for the healthy and loosened connection structure were calculated at each measurement point. The difference of the wavelet coefficients of the response of the healthy and loosened connection structure is selected as an indicator of the damage. At each node of structure the norm of the difference of the wavelet coefficients matrix is then calculated. The point for which the norm has the higher value is a candidate for location of the damage. The above procedure was experimentally verified on a laboratory-scale 2-meter-long steel frame. The structure consists of 11 steel beams forming a four-bay frame, which is subjected to impact loads using a modal hammer. The accelerations are measured at 20 different locations on the frame, including joints and beam elements. Two states of the structure are considered: healthy and damaged one. The damage is introduced by means of loosening two out of three bolts at one of the frame connections. Calculating the norm of the difference of the wavelet coefficients matrix at each node the higher value was found to be at the same location where the bolts were loosened. The presented experiment showed the effectiveness of the wavelet approach to damage detection of frame structures assembled using bolted connections.


complex bolted lap connection, frame structure, wavelet analysis, damage detection

Pnevmatikos N.G.-Technological Educational Institute Athens (GR)
Błachowski B.-IPPT PAN
Hatzigeorgiou G.D.-Hellenic Open University (GR)
Świercz A.-IPPT PAN