Partner: J. Masłowski

Recent publications
1.Będkowski J., Masłowski J., GPGPU computation in mobile robot applications, International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ISSN: 2085-6830, Vol.4, No.1, pp.15-26, 2012

The paper concerns the results related with GPGPU computing applied for mobile robotics applications. The scalable implementation of the point to point and point to plane 3D data registration methods with an improvement based on regular grid decomposition is shown. 3D data is delivered by mobile robot equipped with 3D laser measurement system for IND OOR environments. Presented empirical analysis of the implementation shows the On-Line computation capability using modern graphic processor unit NVIDIA GF 580. In the paper the discussion concerning the comparison between these two methods is given. It will be shown why the point to plain ICP implementation can achieve better performance than the point to point approach. We show parallel vector computation that is used for semantic objects identifications and for loop closing detection.


Data registration, parallel computing, point to point, point to plane, mobile robot

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