Partner: J.P. Żuk

Conference abstracts
1.Żuk J.P., Wajnryb E., From rheology to molecular detail - viscosity of suspension of complex molecules, ICTAM XXIV, 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2016-08-21/08-26, Montréal (CA), pp.1256-1257, 2016

The viscosity of solution is intrinsically connected with its composition and the properties of individual particles. For complex macromolecules there often exist coupling between the flow and the state of the molecule. The distribution of particle shapes and movements reacts to the external flow and the flow reacts to this distribution change. This coupling determines the amount of stress induced by the molecules immersed in the fluid that results in change of the viscosity. Using the Rotne-Prager Yamakawa approximation we show, that given molecular model, one can infer the details of the molecules based on rheology of the solution.

Żuk J.P.-other affiliation
Wajnryb E.-IPPT PAN