Partner: Li Su

Dalian University of Technology (CN)

Conference abstracts
1.Hou J., Su L., Jankowski Ł., Cable force identification based on substructure isolation method, Structures16, The 2016 Structures Congress, 2016-08-28/09-01, Jeju Island (KR), pp.1-6, 2016

Aiming at this characteristic that the cable force identification precision is influenced by factors such as stiffness, boundary conditions and length, especially when the length of cable is short, boundary conditions cannot be simplified as fixed or pinned directly. Therefore, the method of adding virtual supports on the structure was proposed for cable force identification. The method of adding virtual supports on cable is based on the Substructure Isolation, through the change rule of natural frequency realize the structure damage identification. The virtual supports were constructed by the Substructure Isolation method using the liner combination of responses. By adding virtual supports realized that the substructures of cable were constructed, using the method can be additional virtual support in different position of the cable and get more virtual structures, combined with the frequency variation law of all virtual structures, the damage identification of cable can be carried out quickly and accurately.

Hou J.-Dalian University of Technology (CN)
Su L.-Dalian University of Technology (CN)
Jankowski Ł.-IPPT PAN