Partner: Luca Zuppiroli

University of Bologna (IT)

Recent publications
1.Lanzi M., Salatelli E., Di-Nicola F.P., Zuppiroli L., Pierini F., A new photocrosslinkable oligothiophene for organic solar cells with enhanced stability, MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, ISSN: 0254-0584, DOI: 10.1016/j.matchemphys.2016.10.034, Vol.186, pp.98-107, 2017

A novel thiophenic tetramer containing a cinnamate group in the side chain with a functionalization degree of 50% is reported. The tetramer was obtained by means of a simple and straightforward procedure involving the functionalization of a p-methoxyphenoxy substituted thiophenic precursor, which led to a soluble product with a good yield. The oligomer was fully characterized from a structural and chemical point of view and employed for the fabrication of small molecule organic solar cells exploiting the bulk heterojunction (BHJ) architecture. The presence of an UV-light sensitive group in the tetramer allowed the photocrosslinking of tetramer/PCBM blends, giving high values of photocurrent and conversion efficiency for the exposed samples. Moreover, the UV-treated devices showed improved stability, even upon heating for three days at 130 °C, thus confirming that photocrosslinking can strongly reduce phase segregation under severe operational conditions.


Electronic materials, Polymers, Fullerenes, Nanostructures, Electrical characterization, Semiconductors

Lanzi M.-University of Bologna (IT)
Salatelli E.-University of Bologna (IT)
Di-Nicola F.P.-University of Bologna (IT)
Zuppiroli L.-University of Bologna (IT)
Pierini F.-IPPT PAN