Partner: Marta Wojda

Military University of Technology (PL)

Conference papers
1.Brzozowski B., Kaźmierczak K., Rochala Z., Wojda M., Wojtowicz K., A concept of UAV indor navigation system based on magnetic field measuements, 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace, 2016-06-21/06-23, Florence (IT), DOI: 10.1109/MetroAeroSpace.2016.7573291, pp.636-640, 2016

This paper presents a conception of an indoor positioning system for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The measurement of magnetic field is a main source of information required to estimate a position of the platform. It is a parameter which can be measured with affordable sensors and is easy to obtain. In order to use acquired data, a magnetic field map of the specified environment should be previously determined. Thus, a few ideas of using this information were elaborated. First of all, dedicated hardware had to be designed to implement the method. In this process, a multipurpose measurement system was developed. The measurement system consists of three axis digital magnetometers and battery powered microprocessor system with SD memory card and LCD display. The module was installed on the specially designed chassis that enable testing on 3 different heights. The verification tests were performed in designated room, where permanent magnets were used to modify local magnetic field that could work as beacons.


Magnetic field measurement, Magnetic fields, Magnetometers, Earth, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Sensors, Sea measurements

Brzozowski B.-Military University of Technology (PL)
Kaźmierczak K.-other affiliation
Rochala Z.-Military University of Technology (PL)
Wojda M.-Military University of Technology (PL)
Wojtowicz K.-Military University of Technology (PL)