Partner: Michał Marks

Recent publications
1.Marks M., Glinicki M.A., Gibas K., Prediction of the Chloride Resistance of Concrete Modified with High Calcium Fly Ash Using Machine Learning, Materials, ISSN: 1996-1944, DOI: 10.3390/ma8125483, Vol.8, No.12, pp.8714-8727, 2015

The aim of the study was to generate rules for the prediction of the chloride resistance of concrete modified with high calcium fly ash using machine learning methods. The rapid chloride permeability test, according to the Nordtest Method Build 492, was used for determining the chloride ions’ penetration in concrete containing high calcium fly ash (HCFA) for partial replacement of Portland cement. The results of the performed tests were used as the training set to generate rules describing the relation between material composition and the chloride resistance. Multiple methods for rule generation were applied and compared. The rules generated by algorithm J48 from the Weka workbench provided the means for adequate classification of plain concretes and concretes modified with high calcium fly ash as materials of good, acceptable or unacceptable resistance to chloride penetration.


chloride penetration, concrete, durability, high calcium fly ash, machine learning

Marks M.-other affiliation
Glinicki M.A.-IPPT PAN