Partner: P. Kaczmarek

List of chapters in recent monographs
Będkowski J., Majek K., Masłowski A., Kaczmarek P., Nature - Inspired Mobile Robots, rozdział: Recognition of 3D Objects for Walking Robot Equipped with Multisense-SL Sensor Head, World Scientific, pp.797-804, 2013

Conference papers
1.Majek K., Musialik P., Kaczmarek P., Będkowski J., Lesson Learned from Eurathlon 2013 Land Robot Competition, AUTOMATION 2014, Conference on Automation - Innovations and Future Perspectives, 2014-03-26/03-28, Warszawa (PL), DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-05353-0_42, No.267, pp.441-451, 2014

This paper shows evaluation result of the mobile robotic system for Urban Search and Rescue performed during Eurathlon 2013 robotic competition by IAIR-IMM team. Our team was competing in two scenarios: a) Reconnaissance and surveillance in urban structures (USAR), b) Search and rescue in a smoke-filled underground structure. The main task for this system from our team point of view was to build 3D metric map of the environment and to find OPIs (Objects of Potential Interest). Therefore in this paper we described the vision system for objects recognition and 3D map building. The system is composed of mobile robot equipped with camera, 3D laser measurement system and base station composed of computer equipped with NVIDIA GPU for parallel processing of derived clouds of points. The main focus of the work was to improve the performance of the operator controlling the robot in harsh environment. We achieved satisfactory results that could be still improved in many aspects. In experimental part we demonstrated validation of vision recognition system and 3D maps built during preparation trials and during final competition. The best quantitative result of this work was 3rd place in USAR scenario. Unfortunately, we could not build the map in a smoke-filled underground structure, but the result is also very interesting for future developments.


Eurathlon, mobile robot

Majek K.-Institute of Mathematical Machines (PL)
Musialik P.-Institute of Mathematical Machines (PL)
Kaczmarek P.-other affiliation
Będkowski J.-other affiliation