Partner: Paweł Mazuruk

Recent publications
1.Ranachowski Z., Pawełek A., Jasieński Z., Piątkowski A., Kúdela Jr S., Lewandowski M., Mazuruk P., Durability and wear of engine parts – new methods of testing of alloys and composites, ZESZYTY NAUKOWE / AKADEMIA MORSKA W SZCZECINIE, ISSN: 1733-8670, Vol.35, No.107, pp.125-131, 2013

The paper deals with the problems related to the diagnostics of selected parts of modern Diesel engines. The evolution of mechanical properties of four alloys of Mg-Li-Al system and four composites made on the base of the alloys mentioned above, caused by variation of its composition was presented. The Acoustic Emission (AE) method applied to monitoring of degradation of mechanical properties of the alloys and composites was described. Moreover, the results of the investigation of failures occurring in the injectors of Common Rail Diesel engines per formed with the application of AE method were also reported.


Diesel engines diagnostics, light alloys and composites, Common Rail fuel system, Acoustic Emission method

Ranachowski Z.-IPPT PAN
Pawełek A.-other affiliation
Jasieński Z.-other affiliation
Piątkowski A.-Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)
Kúdela Jr S.-Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SK)
Lewandowski M.-IPPT PAN
Mazuruk P.-other affiliation