Partner: R. Bogusławska

Military Medical Institute (PL)

Conference abstracts
1.Frankowska E., Trawiński Z., Zegadło A., Olszewski R., Nowicki A., Bogusławska R., Assessment of radial strain in ultrasonographic model of left ventricle using speckle tracking ultrasound technique and multislice computed tomography, ECR 2014, European Congress of Radiology, 2014-03-06/03-10, Wiedeń (AT), DOI: 10.1594/ecr2014/C-0473, Vol.C-0473, pp.1-7, 2014

The aim of this study was to verify suitability of sonographic model of LV (left ventricle) in CT (computed tomography) environment and to compare in vitro radial strain calculations obtained by two different techniques: speckle tracking ultrasonography and multislice CT.

Frankowska E.-Military Medical Institute (PL)
Trawiński Z.-IPPT PAN
Zegadło A.-other affiliation
Olszewski R.-other affiliation
Nowicki A.-IPPT PAN
Bogusławska R.-Military Medical Institute (PL)