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Meissner M., The effect of modal localization on reverberant energy decay in a case of two acoustically coupled rooms,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 31, 239-245, 2006
Meissner M., Prediction of Reverberant Properties of Enclosures via a Method Employing a Modal Representation of the Room Impulse Response,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 41, 1, 27-41, 2016
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ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 33, 4S, 159-164, 2008
Meissner M., Flow–excited acoustic pulsations in ducts with closed side branches,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 22, 2, 153-167, 1997
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ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 36, 761-775, 2011
Meissner M., Evaluation of Decay Times from Noisy Room Responses with Pure-Tone Excitation,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 38, 1, 47-54, 2013
Meissner M., Effect of cross-sectional area discontinuities in closed hard-walled duct on frequency of longitudinal modes,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 35, 3, 421-435, 2010
Meissner M., Discrete sound induced by low Mach number flow over side branch deep cavity in a rectangular duct,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 17, 2, 287-305, 1992
Meissner M., Computer modelling of coupled spaces: variations of eigenmodes frequency due to a change in coupling area,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 34, 2, 157-168, 2009
Meissner M., Application of Hilbert transform-based methodology to computer modelling of reverberant sound decay in irregularly shaped rooms,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 34, 4, 491-506, 2009
Meissner M., Analysis of non-exponential sound decay in an enclosure composed of two connected rectangular subrooms,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 32, 4S, 213-220, 2007
Meissner M., A Novel Method for Determining Optimum Dimension Ratios for Small Rectangular Rooms,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 43, 2, 217-225, 2018
Litniewski J., Statistics of Envelope of High-Frequency Ultrasonic Backscatter from Trabecular Bone: Simulation Study,
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Lewandowski M., Walczak M., Karwat P., Witek B., Karłowicz P., Research and Medical Transcranial Doppler System,
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Lewandowski M., Nowicki A., Universal coded ultrasound imaging system with software processing,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 32, 4, 81-86, 2007

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