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Gambin B., Kujawska T., Kruglenko E., Mizera A., Nowicki A., Temperature fields induced by low power focused ultrasound during gene therapy. Numerical predictions and experimental results,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 34, 4, 445-460, 2009
Gambin B., Byra M., Kruglenko E., Doubrovina O., Nowicki A., Ultrasonic Measurement of Temperature Rise in Breast Cyst and in Neighbouring Tissues as a Method of Tissue Differentiation,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 41, 4, 791-798, 2016
Dynowski K., Litniewski J., Nowicki A., Three-dimensional imaging in ultrasonic microscopy,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 32, 4, 71-77, 2007
Dynowski K., Litniewski J., Nowicki A., Scanning acoustic microscope for 3D imaging,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 33, 3, 293-302, 2008
Danicki E., Spectral theory of unidirectional transducers,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 30, 4, 291-295, 2005
Danicki E.J., Rayleigh waves in an isotropic body with deep periodic grooves,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 35, 67-74, 2010
Danicki E.J., Efficiency of ultrasonic comb transducers,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 36, 4, 887-900, 2011
Danicki E., An approximation to the planar harmonic impedance for interface waves in piezoelectric body,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 34, 189-196, 2009
Danicki E., Acoustic sniper localization,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 30, 2, 233-245, 2005
Balcerzak A., Ultrasonic measurements of aqueous solutions of β-cyclodextrin with alkyl pyridinium bromides,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 33, 4, 413-427, 2008
Balcerzak A., Ultrasonic measurements in the 1-(trans-4-hexylcyclohexyl)-4-isothiocyanatobenzene near the nematic-isotropic transition,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 30, 373-378, 2005
Balcerzak A., Adsoption properties of porous Langmuir-Blodgett layer used in SAW sensor for vapors of some chlorinated hydrocarbons,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 34, 3, 345-352, 2009
Balcerzak A., Zhavnerko G., Ultrasonic chemical sensor for detection of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in air,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 32, 4, 53-58, 2007
Balcerzak A., Rejmund F., Gutkiewicz P., Zienkiewicz B., Zhavnerko G., Ultrasonic chemical sensor with organic monomolecular layer,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 31, 4, 47-52, 2006
Aleksiejuk M., The frequencies of localized acoustic modes in Au/V nanolayers with capping layer,
ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, 31, 4, 41-46, 2006

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