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Kaźmierczak B., Volpert V., Mechano-chemical calcium waves in systems with immobile buffers,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 60, 1, 3-22, 2008
Kaźmierczak B., Dyzma M., Mechanical effects coupled with calcium waves,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 62, 2, 121-133, 2010
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ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 15, 3, 341-346, 1963
Ignaczak J., On the stress equations of motion in the linear thermoelasticity,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 15, 5, 691-695, 1963
Ignaczak J., A completeness problem for stress equations of motion in the linear elasticity theory,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 15, 2, 225-234, 1963
Hołobut P., Sobczyk K., Random hydrogen - induced stresses and effects on cracking,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 59, 6, 559-579, 2007
Ekiel-Jeżewska M.L., Wajnryb E., Three-particle motion under gravity in Stokes flow: an equilibrium for spheres in contrast to “an end-of-world” for point particles,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 58, 4-5, 489-494, 2006
Dyniewicz B., Bajer C.I., New feature of the solution of a Timoshenko beam carrying the moving mass particle,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 62, 5, 1-15, 2010
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ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 58, 4-5, 339-361, 2006
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ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 69, 3, 257-267, 2017
Błoński S., Domagalski P., Dziubiński M., Kowalewski T.A., Hydro-dynamically modified seeding for micro-PIV,
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Buczkowski R., Kleiber M., Starzyński G., Normal contact stiffness of fractal rough surfaces,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 66, 6, 411-428, 2014
Balevičius R., Kačianauskas R., Mróz Z., Sielamowicz I., Microscopic and macroscopic analysis of granular material behaviour in 3D flat-bottomed hopper by the discrete element methody,
ARCHIVES OF MECHANICS, 59, 231-257, 2007
Ranachowski P., Rejmund F., Ranachowski Z., Pawełek A., Piątkowski A., Aluminous porcelain degradation study using mechanoacoustic and microscopic methods,
Pawełek A., Ozgowicz W., Ranachowski Z., Kúdela S., Piątkowski A., Kúdela Jr S., Ranachowski P., Behaviour of Acoustic Emission in Deformation and Microcracking Processes of Mg Alloys Matrix Composites Subjected to Compression Tests,

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