Jarosław Piekarski

Doctoral thesis
1996-12-19Wrażliwość i projektowanie optymalne nieliniowych układów sprężystych 
supervisor -- Prof. Zenon Mróz, Ph.D., Dr. Habil., Eng., IPPT PAN
Recent publications
1.Piekarski J., Maździarz M., Glinkowski W., Telega J.J., Modeling of bone fracture healing, ACTA OF BIOENGINEERING AND BIOMECHANICS, ISSN: 1509-409X, Vol.6, No.Suppl.1, pp.191-194, 2004
2.Mróz Z., Piekarski J., Sensitivity analysis and optimal design of non-linear structures, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING, ISSN: 0029-5981, DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0207(19980815)42:7<1231::AID-NME407>3.0.C, Vol.42, No.7, pp.1231-1262, 1998

Sensitivity analysis for non-linear elastic structures in regular and critical states is first discussed including design parameters and initial imperfections. Next, the optimal design problem is formulated by considering imperfect structures and setting constraints on deflections and stresses. For structures with unstable post-critical response the limit load constraint is introduced in the optimization procedure. Several examples of truss optimization are provided. The level of initial imperfections can be regarded as design parameter and specified from the optimal solution.

Piekarski J.-IPPT PAN

List of chapters in recent monographs
Mróz Z., Piekarski J., Advances in Structural Optimization, rozdział: First and Second Order Design Sensitivity at a Bifurcation Point, Springer Netherlands, series Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 25, pp.349-380, 1995