The aim of the LIDER Programme is to support researchers’ career development, especially increasing their competencies in self-reliant planning and managing a research team through the realization of application-oriented research projects.

The design of a compact nanotensile tester

Various experiments and atomistic modelling have shown that the mechanical behaviour of nanostructures materials could be remarkably different from their bulk counterparts. However, exploring material behaviour at the nanoscale is hindered by the difficulties of conducting well-instrumented mechanical testing. Nanotensile testing is more straightforward and precise than the other testing methods, but it encounters significant challenges. Therefore, the motivation and the aim of this project is to develop a nanotensile testing device for characterizing extremely small nanostructures, aiming at revealing novel material behaviour at the nanoscale, validating atomistic computational predictions, and understanding the underlying material deformation mechanisms.

Due to its compact shape and the lack of cables the designed nanotensile tester can be used with scanning electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes and many other devices. It can be used in the investigation of microstructure evolution, interface fracture strength measurement (i.e. in composite materials) and many others.

Within the project, the new team is going to be set up. It consists of the project leader – dr. eng. Dariusz Jarząbek and four other people.