The aim of the LIDER Programme is to support researchers’ career development, especially increasing their competencies in self-reliant planning and managing a research team through the realization of application-oriented research projects.

Dorota Kołbuk (from Polymer Physics Laboratory, Department of Theory of Continuous Media IPPT PAN) is the laureate of the sixth edition of the LIDER Programme organized by the National Centre of Research and Development.

Project name: Development of bioactive, hybrid graft for regeneration of ACL ligaments.

The project entails the development of a biodegradable cell substrate for the regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Using the knowledge of materials science, mechanics, biology and medicine, hybrid graft mimicking the architecture and structure of natural allograf bone-ligament-boneit will be developed. In the longer term innovative graft will allow for the reconstruction of the ligament and bone, in which the ligament is fixed.

The project has been planned for three years, starting April 1st, 2016.

This is the sixth LIDER project at IPPT PAN. The others have been realized by Dariusz Jarząbek, Ph.D., Łukasz Nowak, Ph.D., Eng., Marcin Lewandowski, Ph.D., Bartłomiej Dyniewicz, Ph.D., Eng., and Piotr Pawłowski, Ph.D., Eng.