The President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda decorated Michal Kleiber, Professor at the IPPT PAN and ordinary member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), with the Order of the White Eagle.

The Order of the White Eagle (Polish: Order Orła Białego) is Poland's highest decoration awarded to both civilians and the military for their merits. It was officially instituted on 1 November 1705 by Augustus II the Strong and bestowed on eight of his closest, diplomatic and political supporters.

It is awarded to the most distinguished Poles and the highest-ranking representatives of foreign countries. The Order of the White Eagle is attached to a blue ribbon slung over the left shoulder to the right side. The star of the Order, once embroidered, is worn on the left side of the chest.

President Andrzej Duda made the act of decoration. In his speech, he emphasized Professor Michal Kleiber's great merits for science and Polish economy. The President referred to the remarkable personality of Professor Kleiber as an outstanding scholar, an intellectual and a multi-talented man.

President Andrzej Duda also awarded the retired sprinter and Olympic medalist Irena Szewinska, the film music composer Michal Lorenc, the former Nazi German Ravensbrueck inmate, physician and Pope John II's friend Wanda Poltawska, the democratic opposition activist Zofia Romaszewska, and the democratic opposition activist and journalist Bronislaw Wildstein.

Handing over the distinctions, the President thanked them for "their great lives", both from the point of view of the state and service for the Polish people.

More details on the ceremony are available at the website: PREZYDENT.PL:

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