IPPT PAN has been nominated as the organizer of the International Conference on Experimental Mechanics ICEM19 to be held in 2020 in Cracow. The conference brings together internationally leading researchers across a wide range of disciplines in both academia and industry to interchange ideas and discuss new research. The series of conferences (1959 Delft; 1962 Paris; 1966 Berlin; 1970 Cambridge; 1974 Udine; 1978 Munich; 1982 Haifa; 1986 Amsterdam; 1990 Copenhagen; 1994 Lisbon; 1998 Oxford; 2004 Bari; 2007 Alexandropoulis; 2010 Poitiers; 2012 Porto; 2014 Cambridge; 2016 Rhodes; 2018 Brussels) is the premier event to showcase novel and innovative research in Experimental Mechanics. The decision to entrust the organization of the ICEM19 in Poland to IPPT PAN has been taken by the EuraSEM Council during the ICEM17 in Greece after presentation of the Polish proposal by Elżbieta Pieczyska and Zbigniew Kowalewski (14 votes for Poland, 2 votes for Portugal). Elżbieta Pieczyska and Zbigniew Kowalewski are the members of the Scientific Committee of the ICEM for many years, since 2010 also EuraSEM Council.

Read about the history and development of the ICEM from 1959 to 2004.