National Science Centre (NCN) supports fundamental research by funding research projects carried out by individual researchres and research teams, both on the domestic and international level, as well as doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. NCN announces calls for proposals four times a year. The NCN grantee must be employed at a Polish host institution.

In November 2016, National Science Centre has approved and subsidized seven projects from IPPT PAN:

  1. OPUS 11 (research proposals submitted under this funding scheme may include the purchase or construction of research equipment)
    •  „Intelligent design of 2D nanostructures based on molybdenum”.
      Project coordinator: prof. Tadeusz Burczyński
    •  „Identification of rheological parameters of viscoelastic media on the example of liquid and solid polymers by ultrasonic surface Love waves”.
      Project coordinator: prof. Piotr M. Kiełczyński
    •  „Automated sonic tumor treatment”.
      Project coordinator: prof. Tamara Kujawska
    •  „Steady-state and transient energetic sound field parameters for objective evaluation of acoustics of enclosed spaces: theoretical modeling and computer simulations”.
      Project coordinator: prof. Mirosław Meissner
    •  „Non-standard parabolic problems in description of biological processes”.
      Project coordinator: prof. Bogdan Kaźmierczak
  2. PRELUDIUM 11 (pre-doctoral grants)
    •  „Application of synthetic aperture algorithm in reconstruction of distribution of ultrasound propagation speed in soft tissue”.
      Project coordinator: Piotr Karwat
  3. POLONEZ (funding opportunity addressed to foreign researchers who would like to carry out research in host institutions in Poland)
    •  „Innovative Extremely Modular Systems for temporary and permanent deployable structures and habitats: development, modeling, evaluation & optimization”.
      Project coordinator: Maciej Zawidzki, Ph.D.