Partner: B. Grabas

Kielce University of Technology (PL)

Abstrakty konferencyjne
1.Mościcki T., Hoffman J., Antoszewski B., Grabas B., Radziejewska J., Theoretical modelling of laser welding of Ni – Pt spark plug for bio-fuel engine, INDLAS 2014, 4th International Conference, 2014-05-19/05-23, Bran (RO), pp.58-59, 2014


The interaction of laser beam with dissimilar metals during welding process was studied theoretically. A finite element based three-dimensional transient heat transfer and fluid flow model was applied for prediction temperature distribution and material mixing field as well as weld dimensions. The model was used for study and optimization process parameters of welding of Ni – Pt spark plug for bio-fuel engine. The laser pulse duration and energy, and the angle of incidence of the laser beam to thesurface were analyzed. The shape of the melting pool obtained from the theoretical model was close to experimental results.

Afiliacje autorów:

Mościcki T.-IPPT PAN
Hoffman J.-IPPT PAN
Antoszewski B.-Kielce University of Technology (PL)
Grabas B.-Kielce University of Technology (PL)
Radziejewska J.-IPPT PAN