Partner: M. de Graaf

Ostatnie publikacje
1.Szymański Z., Peradzyński Z., Kurzyna J., Hoffman J., Dudeck M., de Graaf M., Lago V., Spectroscopic study of a supersonic jet of laser-heated argon plasma, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, ISSN: 0022-3727, DOI: 10.1088/0022-3727/30/6/013, Vol.30, No.6, pp.998, 1997


A spectroscopic study of a low-pressure supersonic jet of laser-heated argon plasma is presented. The experimental set-up consisted of a high-pressure convergent nozzle and a supersonic nozzle. The supersonic nozzle was placed just behind the convergent nozzle and was connected to a low-pressure chamber. A continuous wave laser with output power of 2 kW was used to maintain the plasma in the stream of argon gas flowing from the convergent nozzle. The plasma then expanded through the supersonic nozzle. Emission spectra from the laser-sustained plasma and supersonic jet were measured with a 1.3 m focal length spectrograph and 1254 silicon intensified target (SIT) detector connected to an EG&G PARC optical multichannel analyser (OMA) III. We found that the supersonic stream of argon plasma had an electron density of - and a temperature of 6 - 7 kK.

Afiliacje autorów:

Szymański Z.-IPPT PAN
Peradzyński Z.-IPPT PAN
Kurzyna J.-IPPT PAN
Hoffman J.-IPPT PAN
Dudeck M.-CNRS (FR)
de Graaf M.-other affiliation
Lago V.-other affiliation