Partner: P.Z. Bar-Yoseph

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IL)

Ostatnie publikacje
1.Gelfgat A.Yu., Bar-Yoseph P.Z., Solan A., Kowalewski T.A., An axisymmetry-breaking instability of axially symmetric natural convection, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT PHENOMENA, ISSN: 1028-6578, Vol.1, No.3, pp.173-190, 1999


The three-dimensional instability of an axisymmetric natural convection flow is investigated numericaUy using a global spectral Galerkin method. The linear stability problem separates for different azimuthal modes. This aUowsus to reduce the problem to a sequence of 2D-like problems. The formulation of the numerical approach and several test calculations are reported. The numerical results are successfully compared with an experiment on natural convection of water in a vertical cylinder, which shows an axisymmetry-breaking instability with a high azimuthal wavenumber.

Słowa kluczowe:

Axisymmetry-breaking instability, natural convection, global Galerkin method

Afiliacje autorów:

Gelfgat A.Yu.-Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IL)
Bar-Yoseph P.Z.-Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IL)
Solan A.-Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IL)
Kowalewski T.A.-IPPT PAN