Centre of Excellence and Innovation of Composite Materials offers services in modelling, processing and characterization of properties of metal-ceramic composites (including graded composites and coatings) for applications in transport (automotive, rail and aerospace), conventional and renewable energy, medicine and other industry sectors.

The Centre specialises in:

  • Fabrication of metal-ceramic composites by powder metallurgy and pressure infiltration methods,
  • Fabrication of composite coatings by pulse laser deposition,
  • Characterization of mechanical, thermal and tribological properties of advanced materials,
  • Measurement and numerical simulations of residual stresses in composite materials and composite coatings,
  • Design and implementation of effective numerical algorithms for micromechanical modelling of composite materials,
  • Modelling of damage and fracture of composites and coatings with the use of microtomographic imaging of materials structure.


Prof. Michał Basista, PhD, DSc, Head
+48 22 826 12 81 ext. 212