Laboratory of Professional Electronics offers services in designing electronic and digital signal processing systems. The laboratory specializes in ultrasound systems for medical and industrial use.


  • Electronic systems:
  1. Design, simulation and commissioning complex, multilayer printed boards, especially high-speed digital interfaces and issues concerning signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility,
  2. Design, simulation and commissioning of FPGA programmable logic circuits ,
  3. Design and certification of medical devices.
  • Software:
  1. embedded systems - microcontrollers, CPUs / DSPs / GPUs,
  2. system software, libraries, graphical interfaces (C / C ++ / C #, Java, Python, Matlab),
  3. digital signal processing algorithms, multi-channel processing, signal analysis and visualization.

The Laboratory has implemented the following Quality Management Systems:

  • ISO-9001:2015 – Design, development and trainings in the scope of electronic systems and software
  • ISO-13485:2016 – Design, and development in the scope of ultrasonic medical devices and software dedicated to medical purposes




Dr Marcin Lewandowski, Head
+48 22 826 12 81 ext. 407