Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences is, most importantly, a team of researchers and high-class specialists who want to add value to the educational and cultural knowledge of our society. We are one of the biggest technical institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. By aiming at solid, recognizable scientific achievements, we are committed to initiate, develop and strengthen the cooperation between the most prominent representatives of various parts of the economy and outstanding scientists in the fields of technology.

We principally focus on delivering research of the highest quality, paying attention to every detail. Our values:

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Aim and Vision


        We intend to create an international center of technological and scientific thought, combining innovative solutions with latest technologies tailored for the Polish science and industry. We initiate scientific research of the highest level and use our knowledge, know-how and experience to run doctoral schools. We create, promote, support and implement initiatives in technology transfer and maintain our cooperation with the industry aimed at sustainable social development.

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               and Potential


        We started in 1953, becoming pioneers among the technological department institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Our Institute was created by the most outstanding of the Polish scientists, such as prof. W. Nowacki and prof. W. Olszak, among others. The Institute’s potential is best demonstrated by its well-established position in the world, highest national ratings and honorable awards, including the “Polish Nobles”. What makes our Institute prestigious is also the participation of our employees in the elected collegiate bodies of many renowned international organizations and scientific societies.

Info Staszic Palace – the first headquarters of IPPT PAN at ulica Nowy Świat 72, Warsaw, Poland. It is still now the seat of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Info WACŁAW OLSZAK (1902-1980) - co-founder of IPPT. Creator of the world-famous Polish school of theory of elasticity. His scientific research included: theory of elasticity, theory of prestressed structures, rheology. Great international authority, propagator of the achievements of Polish mechanics abroad. More: Founders of IPPT PAN
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     and Internationality


        By combining passion and experience, we constantly set our eyes on the future. We cooperate with the biggest scientific centers in the country and abroad, we carry out research using latest scientific methods, build state-of-the-art laboratories, produce unique diagnostic and laboratory apparatus, invest in computer technology development. We work alongside industry, stimulating and developing inventions and carrying out research in specialized laboratories offering services using highly specialized, highest quality equipment.

IPPT misja
IPPT misja


InfoResearch on a deployable scissor-type bridge at the foot of Mount Fuji (Japan)
InfoResearch at the Laboratory of Technological Laser Applications


and Professionalism


InfoResearch at the Laboratory of Strain Fields

        Scientific Research is our profession and passion. The passion which we experience has many times entailed much dedication, but it is this dedication that makes us strive for beyond human limitations and fatigue. And we are constantly reaching for greater success. We build teams which support one another and motivate to work harder, as we all share the same idea and intent – to become a prime mover towards a positive impact on the world. We deeply believe in the sense of our work and mission to serve the society. That is why diligence and cognitive fairness are the key criteria in our pursuit of success.


            and Innovation


        Our developments and their interdisciplinarity prove the quality of our services. Our success is not only the result of hard work, state-of-the-art research equipment and interdisciplinary knowledge, but also bold, out-of-the-box thinking. Our projects and publications attract various interest circles, because our research results are widely applicable, showcased by the long list of inventions and patents. The results are presented at international conferences where, verified in the conditions of foreign competition, gain recognition and receive awards.

We work for your future


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