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Slider Recruitment for the Doctoral Schools at IPPT PAN

Recruitment for the Doctoral Schools at IPPT PAN

The Doctoral School of IPPT PAN and the Doctoral School of TIB PAN announce recruitment for the academic year 2021/2022




The National Science Centre has accepted funding for the PRELUDIUM BIS project at IPPT PAN. Prof. S. Stupkiewicz, the project leader, will hand in the project realization to ...

News New projects subsidized by NCN

New projects subsidized by NCN

National Science Centre (NCN) has approved and subsidized three new projects from IPPT PAN. Project coordinators: prof. Ł. Jankowski, prof. P. Kiełczyński, prof. M. Komorowski

News Visegrad Grant at IPPT PAN

Visegrad Grant at IPPT PAN

IPPT PAN has received funding from the International Visegrad Fund. The granted project is carried out in cooperation with three universities: from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  ...

News 24. Science Picnic with IPPT PAN

24. Science Picnic with IPPT PAN

This year, the Polish Ratio and Copernicus Science Centre Science Picnic took place on 8-15 May. Our science show was delivered by prof. Elżbieta Pieczyska’s team

News Minister's award for prof. Michał Glinicki

Minister's award for prof. Michał Glinicki

Prof. Michał Glinicki has been awarded by the Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Technology for his book on engineering of concrete roads, "Inżynieria betonowych nawierzchni drogowych"

News Laureate of the 2021 Intelligent Development Polish Award

Laureate of the 2021 Intelligent Development Polish Award

Marcin Krajewski PhD became laureate of the 2021 Intelligent Development Polish Award. The award committee distinguished this scientist in the categories of: Scientist of the Future

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Upcoming Seminars

2021-06-14, 11:00, Chris Trombley, Relative Trajectories of Pairs of Charged Particles Sedimenting Under Gravity in a Stokes Flow
2021-06-23, 11:00, mgr inż. Aneta Antolik, Wpływ soli odladzających na mikrostrukturę i potencjał wystąpienia reakcji alkalicznej kruszywa granitowego w betonach nawierzchniowych

Latest Publications

pdf 7158 Fura Ł., Dera W., Dziekoński C., Świątkiewicz M., Kujawska T., Experimental assessment of the impact of sonication parameters on necrotic lesions induced in tissues by HIFU ablative device for preclinical studies, ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, Vol. 46, No. 2, pp.341-352, 2021

pdf 7157 Zaszczyńska A., Moczulska-Heljak M., Gradys A., Sajkiewicz P., Advances in 3D printing for tissue engineering, MATERIALS, Vol. 14, No. 12, pp.3149-1-28, 2021

no pdf 7156 Wrzecionek M., Bandzerewicz A., Dutkowska E., Dulnik J., Denis P., Gadomska-Gajadhur A., Poly(glycerol citrate)-polylactide nonwovens toward tissue engineering applications, POLYMERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, pp.1-12, 2021

no pdf 7155 Gupta A., Jain A., Tripathi S., Structural, electrical and electrochemical studies of ionic liquid-based polymer gel electrolyte using magnesium salt for supercapacitor application, JOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH, Vol. 28, pp.235-1-11, 2021

no pdf 7153 Arafa A.A., Nada A.A., Ibrahim A.Y., Sajkiewicz P., Zahran M.K., Hakeim O.A., Preparation and characterization of smart therapeutic pH-sensitive wound dressing from red cabbage extract and chitosan hydrogel, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, Vol. 182, pp.1820-1831, 2021

Latest Patent

PAT.237439, Intracardiac electrode/catheter for cardiac stimulation and drug administration, Olszewski R., Krupienicz A., IPPT PAN

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