With 69 years of experience, we share our commitment and passion in providing the highest standards of scientific research. We create international scientific projects, educate doctoral students, contribute to the development of science and support initiatives in technology transfer. We take pride in standing among the leading scientific centers in Europe.

Slider Recruitment for the Doctoral Schools at IPPT PAN

Recruitment for the Doctoral Schools at IPPT PAN

The Doctoral School of IPPT PAN and the Doctoral School of TIB PAN announce recruitment for the academic year 2022/2023


News New Project at IPPT PAN

New Project at IPPT PAN

We are very pleased to announce that the list of winners of the first edition of the competition PASIFIC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program includes Dr. Adi Adumitroaie

News IWAMME 2022 at IPPT PAN


International Workshop on Advanced Materials for Medicine and Environment 2022 - IWAMME 2022, June, 24-25

News IUTAM Symposium at IPPT PAN

IUTAM Symposium at IPPT PAN

The IUTAM Symposium on Enhancing Material Performance by Exploiting Instabilities and Damage Evolution was held on June 6-9, 2022 at IPPT PAN

News Project AtomDeC at IPPT PAN

Project AtomDeC at IPPT PAN

IPPT has received funding under V4-Japan Joint Research Program “Advanced Materials”. The consortium comprises of Visegrad Group countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and Japan

News WAT - IPPT PAN Cooperation Agreement

WAT - IPPT PAN Cooperation Agreement

Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, director of the IPPT PAN has made an agreement between IPPT PAN and the WAT Military University of Technology

News Kamil Bieniek, winner of the MT180 competition

Kamil Bieniek, winner of the MT180 competition

Kamil Bieniek, a PhD candidate from the IPPT PAN has won the second prize in the Polish edition of the French competition “My Doctorate in 180 seconds” and qualified for the Central Europe finals!

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Upcoming Seminars

2022-07-06, 11:00, mgr inż. Mana Nabavian Kalat, Investigation of functional properties of polyurethane shape memory polymer

Latest Publications

pdf 7787 Vaitkunas T., Griskevicius P., Adumitroaie A., Peridynamic Approach to Digital Image Correlation Strain Calculation Algorithm, APPLIED SCIENCES, Vol. 12, No. 13, pp.6550-1-21, 2022

no pdf 7786 Darban H., Luciano R., Caporale A., Basista M., Modeling of buckling of nanobeams embedded in elastic medium by local-nonlocal stress-driven gradient elasticity theory, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, Vol. 297, pp.115907-1-11, 2022

pdf 7785 Ranachowski Z., Wieczorek K., Ranachowski P., Dębowski T., Monitoring of Partial Discharges in Cable Insulation and Cable Head Using Acoustic Method, ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, Vol. 47, No. 2, pp.259-265, 2022

pdf 7783 Ryś M., Stupkiewicz S., Petryk H., Micropolar regularization of crystal plasticity with the gradient-enhanced incremental hardening law, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, Vol. 156, pp.103355-1-20, 2022

no pdf 7781 Cantor D., Wojtacki K., Effects of Friction and Spacing on the Collaborative Behavior of Domino Toppling, PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, Vol. 17, pp.064021-1-6, 2022

no pdf 7780 Vaitkunas T., Griskevivius P., Adumitroaie A., Peridynamic material model calibration based on digital image correlation experimental measurements, MECHANICS OF ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, pp.1-14, 2022

Latest Patent

EP3805099, Emergency landing device, Faraj R., Kowalski T. M., Wołejsza Z., Mikułowski G., Pawłowski P., Hinc K., Graczykowski C., Holnicki-Szulc J., IPPT PAN

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