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News Implementations for PKP - Polskie Linie Kolejowe

Implementations for PKP - Polskie Linie Kolejowe

Based on the performed model testing commissioned by the PKP (Polish railway state company), we have successfully developed a prototype of computerized diagnostics cart which will help to detect...

News New projects subsidized by NCN

New projects subsidized by NCN

National Science Centre (NCN) has approved and subsidized eleven new projects from IPPT PAN – three OPUS projects, five PRELUDIUM projects and three MINIATURA projects

News Nomination for IPPT PAN Directorship

Nomination for IPPT PAN Directorship

Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, has been nominated and approved by the President of the PAS for the position of Director of IPPT PAN for the next term of office 2021-2025

News Honoris Causa Doctorate

Honoris Causa Doctorate

Prof. Michał Kleiber has once again been awarded the honoris causa doctorate. This time from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

News PAS Committee on Mechanics Awards at IPPT

PAS Committee on Mechanics Awards at IPPT

Maciej Ryś and Mateusz Kopeć have become IPPT PAN winners of the Życzkowski Awards for science. The awards were conferred on 29 September 2021

News Focus on Low-emission Materials

Focus on Low-emission Materials

“Dni Betonu” Conference took place on 11-13 October. The Conference is one of the biggest events dedicated to concrete construction in Poland

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Upcoming Seminars

2021-12-10, 9:30, Antoine Sellier, Axisymmetric viscous MHD flow about a solid body of revolution translating in an unbounded or bounded conducting Newtonian liquid
2021-12-13, 11:00, Prof. Krzysztof Mizerski, Negative diffusion effects in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence induced by fluctuations of the Lorentz force

Latest Publications

no pdf 7356 Trafarski A., Łazarska M., Ranachowski Z., Application of acoustic emission to the analysis of phase transformations in 27MnCrB5-2 steel tests during continuous cooling, BULLETIN OF THE POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: TECHNICAL SCIENCES, pp.e139389-1-6, 2022

pdf 7354 Zaremba D., Błoński S., Korczyk P.M., Concentration on demand – a microfluidic system for precise adjustment of the content of single droplets, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, Vol. 430, No. 3, pp.132935-1-16, 2022

pdf 7446 Liu X., Jani R., Orisakwe E., Johnston C., Chudziński P., Qu M., Norton B., Holmes N., Kohanoff J., Stella L., Yin H., Yazawa K., State of the art in composition, fabrication, characterization, and modeling methods of cement-based thermoelectric materials for low-temperature applications, RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, Vol. 137, pp.110361-1-30, 2021

pdf 7436 Waszkiewicz R., Lisicki M., Catanese D.J., Fogg J., Gruziel M., Ekiel-Jeżewska M.L., Demeler B., Zechiedrich E.L., Szymczak P., Shape and sedimentation coefficients of supercoiled DNA minicircles, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, Vol. 120, No. 3, pp.221a-, 2021

no pdf 7430 Błoński S., Aureille J., Badawi S., Zaremba D., Pernet L., Grichine A., Fraboulet S., Korczyk P.M., Recho P., Guilluy Ch., Dolega M.E., Direction of epithelial folding defines impact of mechanical forces on epithelial state, DEVELOPMENTAL CELL, Vol. 56, pp.3222-3234, 2021

Latest Patent

PAT.239439, Stand for testing the perforation of plates made of construction materials, in particular thin plates, Libura T., Rusinek A., Kowalewski Z.L., Bouslikhane S., IPPT PAN

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