IFTR 70th Anniversary


News Solid Mechanics Conference (SOLMECH 2024)

Solid Mechanics Conference (SOLMECH 2024)

We are happy to announce that the 42nd Solid Mechanics Conference will be held in Wrocław on September 16-18, 2024! We invite everyone interested to register!

News New Publication

New Publication

An article presenting results of cooperation of P. Chudzinski, M. Berben, Xiaofeng Xu, N. Wakeham, B. Bernáth, C. Duffy, R. D. H. Hinlopen, Yu-Te Hsu, S. Wiedmann, P. Tinnemans, Rongying Jin, M. Greenblatt, N...

News World’s TOP 2% Scientists 2022

World’s TOP 2% Scientists 2022

Scientists from the IPPT PAN have been ranked among the most influential 2% of researchers in the world, according to the adopted citation indexes of their publications.

News 70th Anniversary of IPPTPAN celebration

70th Anniversary of IPPTPAN celebration

Occasional meeting to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Institute was held on September 28, 2023. Celebration was opened by Institute Director, Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, who welcomed the guests.

News Ultrasound Technology Commercialization at IPPT

Ultrasound Technology Commercialization at IPPT

Dr Marcin Lewandowski and his research team have successfully commercialized ultrasound technology developed at the IPPT PAN. The project started in 2009-2015 as part of the POIG (Innovative Economy Operational Programme).

News New project at IPPT PAN

New project at IPPT PAN

Among the laureates of this year's edition of the SONATA 18 (National Science Centre) competition in the field of exact and technical sciences Olga Urbanek-Świderska PhD.

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Upcoming Seminars

2023-12-12, 11:00, Dr Simon Poblete, Modeling RNA structure using multiscale simulations
2023-12-14, 11:00, Tetuko Kurniawan, Investigating Droplet Generation in Microfluidic Cross-Junctions: Mechanisms and Applications as Cell Incubators

Latest Publications

no pdf 8632 Witecka A., Schmitt J., Courtien M., Gerardin C., Rydzek G., Hybrid mesoporous silica materials templated with surfactant polyion complex (SPIC) micelles for pH-triggered drug release, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, Vol. 365, No. 112913, pp.1-13, 2024

pdf 8557 Dobrzański J., Wojtacki K., Stupkiewicz S., Lamination-based efficient treatment of weak discontinuities for non-conforming finite element meshes, COMPUTERS AND STRUCTURES, Vol. 291, No. 107209, pp.1-14, 2024

pdf 8688 Byra M., Poon C., Rachmadi Muhammad F., Schlachter M., Skibbe H., Exploring the performance of implicit neural representations for brain image registration, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Vol. 13, No. 17334 , pp.1-13, 2023

pdf 8686 Śniadecki M., Jaworek P., Chmielewska Z., Poniewierza P., Stasiak M., Danielkiewicz M., Stencelewski D., Brzeziński M., Boyke Zuzanna A., Wycinka E., Sunil M., Nguyen M., Klasa-Mazurkiewicz D., Koziełek K., Rak P., Wolny Y., Liro M., Guzik Paweł W., Dobruch-Sobczak K., Wydra D., Protocol of Breast Cancer Prevention Model with Addition of Breast Ultrasound to Routine Gynecological Visits as a Chance for an Early Diagnosis and Treatment in 25 to 49-Year-Old Polish Females, DIAGNOSTICS, Vol. 13, No. 227, pp.1-10, 2023

pdf 8684 Gambin B.J., Nowicki A., In Memoriam Janusz Wójcik Professor of the IPPT PAN, ARCHIVES OF ACOUSTICS, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp.463-464, 2023

Latest Patent

PAT.244057, Self-deployable cable-rod support structure, Holnicki-Szulc J. K., Świercz A., Knap L., IPPT PAN

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