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Highly qualified personnel, extensive experience in research and intensive international cooperation are IPPT PAN’s key to success. Our outstanding scientists can pride themselves on numerous publications in renown scientific journals, a significant number of granted patents and many awards and distinctions.

The Institute makes every effort to provide its employees with the best scientific development, both on the national, and international level. We also know the importance of science in industry, that is why we prioritize to implement science directly and assess its results in a longer perspective. We believe that best results can only be obtained through constant scientific discourse and verification. That is why our scientists share opinions and argument with researchers from all over the world, keeping an open mind to new ideas. Such methods lead to maintaining the highest levels of our research, and combining it with the education of doctoral students that we also provide, determines the high position of our Institute.

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Selected Scientific Achievements

(in the reporting year of 2020)

Selected achievements in projects/research studies conducted in the reporting year of 2020

An extensive research program of the properties on composite materials AlSi12/Al2O3 was created with the use of two techniques – pressure infiltration and pressure-assisted sintering, which have shown the advantage of infiltrated composite over the sintered one. A chrome cast iron/electrochorundum composite was researched in terms of its possible applications in carbon mills. The research was made in cooperation with FPM S.A. Mikołów and with the use of industrial press. Results were published in a couple of the most prestigious journals. Some of the research was conducted internationally.

A concept of adaptable sound-absorbing porous metamaterial was designed and verified. The material consists of a rigid frame, void spaces of periodic microgeometry linked with microchannels, and modifying metal balls – depending on the location of the material in the gravitational field. Research verified the repetitiveness of periodic sound-absorbing microgeometries produced by additive manufacturing technologies. A new porous sound-absorbing metamaterial of adaptable microgeometry was proposed. A set of benchmarking microgeometries of porous sound-absorbing materials with a rigid frame was designed. Results were published in some of the most prestigious journals. Some of the research was conducted internationally.

Most important scientific achievements of the Institute in the report year of 2020 of general socio- and economic importance.

With respect to the planned development of Polish nuclear power industry, basic designs were made on the composition of high-durability shield concrete with low reaction to ionizing radiation susceptibility. Apart from the criteria of carbonation resistance and chloride ion penetration, a new criterion was proposed of the content of long-lived activated radioisotopes in concrete. Investigations have shown a positive influence of low-carbon cement on the reduction of concrete permeability. Experiments have proven the significance of Europiun-152, Cobalt-60 and Caesium-134 induced by neutron radiation, which led to providing recommendations for the selection of concrete mixtures to limit the amount of radioactive waste.

In cooperation with doctors from the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw, scientists have completed designing an innovative, biodegradable external stent for applications in blood vessels. It inhibits wall hypertrophy of the vein used as a bypass in coronary-aortic bypass surgeries, and simultaneously supports the positive reconstruction of the vein towards its arterialization. It also eases the adjustment of the diameter of the implanted vein to the diameter of the bypassed artery and protects against kinking of the coronary aortic bypass. The project has been formalized and was granted funds from the National Centre for Research and Development for the further development of its commercial use.

Selected, most important applications of research results of public importance from the reporting period of 2019 (eg. in public health care)

It has been shown that the basic SARs CoV 2 reproductive number lies between 4.7-11.4, therefore proving that it is much greater than it had been estimated. Conducted research showed mechanical properties of SARs CoV 2 spike protein. The research may trigger further inquiries into the analysis of influence of the protein mutation on the virus pathogenicity and vaccine effectiveness. It has been shown that high sensitivity of the influenza virus to the pre-stimulation of cells with beta interferon causes the cell population which had been infected with RSV to develop immunity against the virus.

In cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw, IPPT PAN conducted research on the correlations between aortic root motion and heart function. One hundred and one healthy volunteers have been examined to study their B-mode cardiac cycle and clinical parameters of heart function. The artery root motion was determined with the help of a tracking algorithm. Movement parameters substantially corelated with selected clinical parameters. Results indicate that movement parameters can be potentially used in heart function examinations, especially in patients for whom determination of clinical parameters is difficult.


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