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On 20-24 September, IPPT PAN took part in the 25. Science Festival. IPPT PAN scientists organized another series of meetings and workshops that helped present the latest advancements in science to a larger audience. Our Institute has taken part in the Science Festival from its very beginnings, because we attach particular importance to the popularization of science.

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We prepared various lessons and events:

  • live online events - interactive online meetings in real time
  • online events - recorded prior to the event, available through a link
  • on-site events - events taking place at the Institute



Tissue Engineering – Polymeric Materials for Tissue Regeneration and Reconstruction, Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny, PhD, Angelika Zaszczyńska, MSc, Beata Niemczyk-Soczyńska MSc, Oliwia Jeznach MSc, Maryla Moczulska-Heljak, MSc

Voice-User Interfaces - Do Machines Understand our Speech? And How? Marcin Lewandowski, PhD



Lessons were prepared for the students of schools that had registered prior to particular events. Most of our classes were addressed to students of secondary schools who plan to take up studies in the fields of engineering and technology, as well as to those who would like to develop their IT and mathematical skills and interests. Regardless of the above, if younger students wanted to attend, they were all very welcome.

How to Understand the Essence of the General Theory of Relativity, prof. Wiera Oliferuk

Do Whales and Nematodes Have Something in Common?, Tomasz Kowalczyk, PhD

Porous Nature – from Nanopores to Bones and Concrete, Przemysław Ranachowski PhD, Ryszard Wojnar, PhD

As Hard as Metal, As Chewy as Gum. Researching the Mechanical Properties of Materials, Mateusz Kopeć, PhD, Izabela Barwińska, Mirosław Wyszkowski, Adam Brodecki, MSc

Can Technology Be Intelligent?, Andrzej Świercz PhD, Rafał Wiszowaty, PhD, Paula Broniszewska, MSc, Dominik Pisarski, PhD, Błażej Popławski MSc

Invisible World Through the Lens of the Scanning Electron Microscope, Judyta Dulnik MSc (prof. dr hab. inż. Paweł Sajkiewicz, Olga Cegielska, MSc, Piotr Denis, MSc


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