With 68 years of experience, we share our commitment and passion in providing the highest standards of scientific research. We create international scientific projects, educate doctoral students, contribute to the development of science and support initiatives in technology transfer. We take pride in standing among the leading scientific centers in Europe.


IPPT Professors in Warsaw Scientific Society

The General Assembly of the Warsaw Scientific Society has chosen prof. Tadeusz Burczyński and prof. Maria Ekiel-Jeżewska for Ordinary Members

New projects subsidized by NCN

National Science Centre (NCN) has approved and subsidized two new projects from IPPT PAN. Project coordinators: Szymon Nosewicz (OPUS) and Kamil Opiela (PRELUDIUM)

Holiday Greetings

Institute's Directors would like to thank you for activities undertaken this year and wish further successes in the incoming Year 2021

Professor Andrzej Brandt 90th birthday

We would like to express our gratitude for your service to the engineering science, and your invaluable contribution to the IPPT PAN community

Professor Zenon Mroz’s 90th birthday

We would like to thank you for Your significant and invaluable contribution to the institute’s life and its organization and to the whole polish mechanics

New projects at IPPT PAN

The Institute will receive funding for the implementation of new projects. The projects will be financed as part of two competitions: M-ERA.NET and LIDER.

News Archive

Upcoming Seminars

2021-01-18, 11:00, Prof. Philip Maini, Modelling collective cell movement in biology and medicine
2021-01-20, 11:00, mgr inż. Beata Chrząszcz, Zastosowanie modelowania metodą elementów skończonych do optymalizacji właściwości klamer do osteosyntezy. Motywacja, eksperyment i modelowanie

Latest Publications

 Radziejewska J., Strzelec M., Ostrowski R., Sarzyński A., Experimental investigation of shock wave pressure induced by a ns laser pulse under varying confined regimes, OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, Vol. 126, pp.105913-1-12, 2020

 Nalepka K., Skoczeń B., Ciepielowska M., Schmidt R., Tabin J., Schmidt E., Zwolińska-Faryj W., Chulist R., Phase transformation in 316L austenitic steel induced by fracture at cryogenic temperatures: experiment and modelling, MATERIALS, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp.127-1-27, 2021

 Golasiński K.M., Detsch R., Szklarska M., Łosiewicz B., Zubko M., Mackiewicz S., Pieczyska E.A., Boccaccini A.R., Evaluation of mechanical properties, in vitro corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of Gum Metal in the context of implant applications, JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS, Vol. 115, pp.104289-1-11, 2021

 Pręgowska A., Signal fluctuations and the information transmission rates in binary communication channels, ENTROPY, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp.92-1-12, 2021

 Magliulo M., Lengiewicz J., Zilian A., Beex L.A.A., Frictional interactions for non‐localised beam‐to‐beam and beam‐inside‐beam contact, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING, pp.1-43, 2021

Latest Patent

P 236119, Modular system for creating slipways with any projection and permanent inclination angle and a method of assembling thereof, Zawidzki M., IPPT PAN

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