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On 18th November, IPPT PAN held the annual Awards Ceremony of the Życzkowski Award organized by the Committee on Mechanics.

The Committee on Mechanics awards are given to young scientists for their scientific papers published before the age of 35. The uniqueness of the award lies in the requirement that each candidate has to publish at least one individual publication. Moreover, when evaluating the applications,  particular attention is paid to the scientific quality of individual papers.

The award has been conferred since 1999. So far, it has been given to 50 young researchers, including many from the IPPT PAN (list of winners).

The Committee on Mechanics has decided to confer the 2021 awards to:

  • Karol Bołbotowski, PhD (Warsaw University of Technology) – 1st prize,
  • Paweł Baranowski, PhD (Military University of Technology) – 2nd prize,
  • Paweł Gil, PhD (Rzeszów University of Technology) – 3rd prize.

Prof. Henryk Petryk, Committee vice president, personally awarded and greeted the 1st prize winner, Karol Bołbotowski, PhD. In keeping with tradition, the 1st prize winner delivered a lecture, which was titled Elastic bodies and structures of the optimum form, material distribution, and anisotropy, and which presented his winning papers.

This year’s rewards have been partially founded by the Poznan University of Technology.


Left photo: Prof. Henryk Petryk, IPPT PAN, handing in the award diploma to Karol Bołbotowski, PhD, 1st prize winner. Right photo: The award winner, Karol Bołbotowski, PhD with one of his supervisors - Prof. Tomasz Lewiński from the Warsaw University of Technology (the second supervisor was Prof. Piotr Rybka from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, University of Warsaw).


The Committee on Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a collegial body of the IV Division of the Polish Academy of Sciences, bringing together experts on mechanics from all over the country. Committee members include members of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as scientists affiliated with Polish universities and institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Committee aims to contribute to the scientific activity on mechanics at the national level, as well as to integrate the whole scientific community. In the present term, the Committee includes 52 members, chaired by Prof. Stanisław Stupkiewicz, IPPT PAN.


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