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The IPPT PAN has held its Scientific Council election for 2023-2026. The election was carried out based on the IPPT PAN Statute and pursuant to the Act on the Polish Academy of Sciences of 30th April, 2010.

The new Scientific Council comprises the following groups:

  1. academic staff members with the title of professor or doktor habilitowany, elected from full-time IPPT PAN employees – 15 persons,
  2. members of the Polish Academy of Sciences appointed to the IPPT PAN Scientific Council by the Division IV: Engineering Sciences – 15 persons,
  3. science practitioners, business specialists etc., with an academic degree, or the doktor habilitowany degree, who are not employed at IPPT PAN or who are part-time employed at IPPT PAN – 15 persons,
  4. other full-time IPPT PAN employee representatives elected outside of the aforementioned groups – 2 persons,
  5. doctoral students representative,
  6. Director of IPPT PAN and his/her Deputy Director for Science.

The current Scientific Council consists of 16 members of the Polish Academy of Sciences. For the full list of members, see:


The first IPPT PAN Scientific Council meeting for 2023-2026 was held on 19th January, 2023. Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, Director of IPPT PAN, opened the session and gave a warm welcome to all members, but especially to the representatives of Division IV: Engineering Sciences, PAS: prof. Tomasz Kapitaniak – Dean of Division IV, PAS, and prof. Adam Liebert – Chair of the Council of Curators, Division IV, PAS. Next, prof. Tomasz Kapitaniak presented all members with nominations to the Scientific Council for 2023-2026. A minute’s silence was then observed for prof. Ryszard Pęcherski, who passed away on 22 December, 2022. Prof. Pęcherski had also been listed among members of the Scientific Council. Prof. Burczyński then informed the Council about appointing dr. hab. Bartłomiej Błachowski, IPPT PAN, for the Scientific Council vacancy.

After the nominations were presented, members elected prof. Zbigniew L. Kowalewski from the IPPT PAN for the new Chair of the Scientific Council. The then newly elected Chair presided over electing new Deputy Chairs, i.e.: prof. Katarzyna Kowalczyk-Gajewska, IPPT PAN, prof. Jerzy Litniewski, IPPT PAN, and prof. Łukasz Jankowski. Prof. Zbigniew Ranachowski became new Secretary. For more on Presidium, go to:

The photographs below present the first IPPT PAN Scientific Council Assembly for 2023-2026. Sitting at the table, left to right: prof. Adam Liebert and prof. Tomasz Kapitaniak. Prof. Tadeusz Burczyński is standing on the right.


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