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The Polish Academy of Sciences General Assembly has elected new ordinary members among candidates with the highest scientific achievements and authority. It is a pleasure to inform you that one of the newly elected ordinary members is prof. Henryk Petryk from our Institute.

prof. dr hab. inż. Henryk Petryk

Professor Henryk Petryk has been with IPPT PAN since his graduation from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1974. His personal significant contributions to science so far have included: changes in the approach to fundamental mechanics of solids in the fields of plasticity theory, bifurcation, instabilities in continuous media, variation methods, micromechanics and thermodynamics of materials, the evolution of microstructures in metal crystals and shape memory alloys, including scale effects.

Professor Petryk has been a visiting professor and a guest speaker to numerous science centres around the world, including in Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Austria, China. He authored over 80 publications, including 40 as a solo author. Professor Petryk’s worldwide recognition has resulted in his appointment to many international scientific organisations.

Since 2016, Professor Petryk has been the Secretary General of IUTAM International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Since 1999, professor Petryk has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Archives of Mechanics. In 2012-2018, he was the chairman of the IPPT PAN Scientific Council.

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