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Maciej Ryś from the Department of Mechanics of Materials IPPT PAN, and Mateusz Kopeć from the Department of Experimental Mechanics IPPT PAN have become IPPT PAN winners of the Życzkowski Awards for science. The PAS Committee on Mechanics Awards are conferred onto young scientists for their substantial contribution to and dedication in the realization of research and development projects that are later published in prestigious science journals.

The Awards were conferred on 29 September 2012 during the Committee on Mechanics meeting. During the Committee’s first, open session, laureates of the PAS Committee on Mechanics Awards gave occasional lectures on the projects they were awarded for:

  • I prizeBalbina WCISŁO, PhD (Cracow University of Technology)
    Termomechaniczne modele materiału uwzględniające duże odkształcenia, niesprężystość
  • II prize - Maciej RYŚ, PhD (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAN)
    Modelowanie efektów skali w gradientowej plastyczności kryształów (Modeling of Size Effects in Gradient Crystal Plasticity)
  • III prize - Mateusz KOPEĆ, PhD (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAN)
    Formowalność i ewolucja mikrostruktury stopu Ti6Al4V w trakcie innowacyjnej metody formowania na gorąco (Microstructure Evolution and Shaping Mechanisms of Ti6Al4V Alloy During the Innovative Hot Stamping Process).

IPPT PAN Laureates:

Maciej Ryś PhD is an MSc graduate from the AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, and the BSc graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. His MSc studies concentrated mainly on the modeling of plastic processing of metals, mechanics of materials, and constitutive modeling of materials. M. Ryś completed his diploma internship researching the modeling processes of forging titanium alloys at the Department of Metal Forming, AGH. Consequently, M. Ryś took up doctoral studies in mechanical engineering at the Cracow University of Technology. Here, as part of his doctoral thesis, he mostly concentrated on modeling damage evolution in multiphase engineering materials. Part of his research was co-financed by the National Science Centre as part of the PRELUDIUM grant that he also headed.

dr inż. Maciej Ryś

Moreover, M. Ryś carried out 4 other projects financed by the National Science Centre that concerned constitutive modeling of various types of advanced materials. As part of his non-curriculum work, he presided the university scientific society and was a member of the PhD Students’ Union at the Cracow University of Technology. During the course of his studies, M. Ryś also completed a one-year internship at the Department of Mechanics of Materials, IPPT PAN, during which he researched selected aspects of mechanics and thermomechanics of materials with respect to their inelasticity, particularly for such materials as metal crystals under plastic deformations. In 2018, M. Ryś received pass with distinction for his doctoral thesis Modelling of Damage Evolution in Multiphase Engineering Materials. Since 2017, M. Ryś has been employed at IPPT PAN, where he continues the research he had taken up during internship. The award he was given was for a cycle of papers, including one on the modeling of damage development in austenitic steels at cryogenic temperatures, and another on the scale modeling of gradient crystal plasticity.

Mateusz Kopeć PhD graduated from the Military University of Technology. During his studying years, he was an active Member of Materials Engineering Scientific Society at WUT, which contributed to his receiving 2nd degree scholarship from the Rector of the Military University of Technology for “the best extracurricular work by a student of the Dąbrowski Military University of Technology” and a distinction during the 2. Young Scientists Conference Knowledge and Innovation 2014. M. Kopeć has been with IPPT PAN since 2013. In July 2020, he defended his doctoral thesis Hot Stamping of Titanium Alloys at the Imperial College London, where he has been researching new technologies for the formation of titanium alloys for structural elements in aircrafts. At present, M. Kopeć heads the Laboratory for Testing of Materials and Structures at the Department of Experimental Mechanics, IPPT PAN, where his work encompasses monitoring the development of damage in power engineering steels and researching mechanical and physicochemical testing of thermal coatings on nickel alloys. M. Kopeć’s other areas of scientific interests include high-temperature testing techniques of light metals deformation for aviation, and developing superhard materials with powder metallurgy.

dr inż. Mateusz Kopeć

M. Kopeć has co-authored 21 scientific papers published in cooperation with: IPPT PAN, Imperial College London, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Military University of Technology and the University of Warmia and Mazury. He has so far given over 50 international speeches, he teaches Scientific Writing and Effective Speaking at the IPPT PAN and TIB PAN Doctoral Schools. He reviews for 7 science journals out of those listed by the Thomson-Reuters Agency in Philadelphia and he is member of the Reviewer Board of “Materials” science journal section “Manufacturing Processes and Systems”. At present, he manages the journal’s special edition: “Advances in Sheet Metal Forming Processes of Lightweight Alloys”.

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