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In 2009-2015, the IPPT PAN developed a prototype research platform (USPlatform1), which allowed the implementation of the so-called SDU: Software-Defined Ultrasound. This technology opened up a completely new range of possibilities for research, tests, and implementations of advanced ultrasound methods, thanks to the application of algorithms that process raw ultrasound signals on GPU processors.

The development of USPlatform was possible thanks to the research and development project, the „Diagnostyczna aparatura ultradźwiękowa — nowe metody badania i obrazowania struktury tkankowej narządów człowieka [Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus – new examination and imaging techniques of tissue structure of human organs] in the Innovative Economy Operational Programme (POIG.01.03.01-14-012/08). The Programme aimed to develop new methods and programmable architecture of medical ultrasound apparatuses. The Platform was successfully launched in 2016 and it was licensed and sold to the Hong Kong University.

The original USPlatform system designed at IPPT PAN in the POIG project, 2014.

When the project finished in 2015, Dr Marcin Lewandowski’s Team decided to continue developing the technology and created us4us – a spin-out company. The company licensed the IPPT PAN technology and started designing a new family of advanced ultrasound solutions optimized for the SDU paradigm.

Us4us currently offers two models of programmable research platforms: us4R™ and us4R-lite™ that enable the implementation of almost any method of ultrasound signal transmission/acquisition and processing from multielement heads. The systems are used at the IPPT PAN in R&D projects.

In 2020, the company launched new us4OEM™ ultrasound modules which can be integrated with new commercial, medical and industrial apparatuses, and then implemented in serial production.


Fot. A) us4R™ platform

Fot. B) us4R-lite™ platform

One of the first companies to cooperate with us4us was a Swedish start-up Nanoecho2,3.for which us4us developed a new, innovative medical apparatus that uses us4OEM™ modules. Nanoecho is now working on a specialist high-resolution ultrasound for lymph nodes that use magnetic nanoparticles. Combining nanotechnology and ultrasound waves in the patented NanoTrace® technology Nanoecho, enabled the examination of the elasticity of cancerous tissues as early as at the stage of their diagnosis and later during monitoring. Following many years of research conducted by Prof. Tomas Jansson and his team at the University of Lund, the Nanoecho company’s prototype device will enter clinical testing in 2024 and later its serial production.

In the last two years, us4us secured cooperation with four other companies from France, Israel, Germany, and the US. All of the companies are now designing their innovative medical devices that are based on ultrasound solutions developed at us4us and on original architecture designed at the IPPT PAN.

The development, implementation and commercialization of the technology primarily developed at the IPPT PAN is our “success story”, but it also shows how tedious and long the process can be on its way to success.






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