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A. Gomez-Iglesias

Conference papers
1.  Piechal B., Maciejewski G., Bercha A., Reufer M., Gomez-Iglesias A., Trzeciakowski W., Anomalous Energy Shifts Of The QW‐Transitions In Red‐Emitting (Al)InGaP Laser Diodes Tuned By Pressure, 30th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, 2010-07-25/07-30, Seoul (KR), DOI: 10.1063/1.3666694, pp.955-956, 2011

We present the differential photocurrent (DPC) measurements made on set of identical (Al)InGaP red emitting lasers under pressures up to 2GPa. We find that the strains applied by the submount change the pressure tuning rate from 80meV/GPa for the samples mounted on compressibility matched submounts down to about 20–50meV/GPa for the ones mounted on hard A1N or diamond submounts. The findings are discussed with the help of finite element (FE) calculations of the strains in the active layers.

Finite element methods, Active layer, Diamond, Laser diodes, Photoelectric conversion

Piechal B. - other affiliation
Maciejewski G. - IPPT PAN
Bercha A. - other affiliation
Reufer M. - other affiliation
Gomez-Iglesias A. - other affiliation
Trzeciakowski W. - other affiliation

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