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C. Batifol

Recent publications
1.  Batifol C., Zieliński T.G., Ichchou M., Galland M.A., A finite-element study of a piezoelectric/poroelastic sound package concept, SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, ISSN: 0964-1726, DOI: 10.1088/0964-1726/16/1/021, Vol.16, No.1, pp.168-177, 2007

This paper presents a complete finite-element description of a hybrid passive/active sound package concept for acoustic insulation. The sandwich created includes a poroelastic core and piezoelectric patches to ensure high panel performance over the medium/high and low frequencies, respectively. All layers are modelled thanks to a Comsol environment*. The piezoelectric/elastic and poroelastic/elastic coupling are fully considered. The study highlights the reliability of the model by comparing results with those obtained from the Ansys finite-element software and with analytical developments. The chosen shape functions and mesh convergence rate for each layer are discussed in terms of dynamic behaviour. Several layer configurations are then tested, with the aim of designing the panel and its hybrid functionality in an optimal manner. The differences in frequency responses are discussed from a physical perspective. Lastly, an initial experimental test shows the concept to be promising.

Poroelasticity, Piezoelectricity, Finite-element modelling, Acoustic insulation, Active-passive approach

Batifol C. - other affiliation
Zieliński T.G. - IPPT PAN
Ichchou M. - École Centrale de Lyon (FR)
Galland M.A. - École Centrale de Lyon (FR)

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